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Founder, Mr.Cai-Tang founded (De-Yu-Hao) in Hsin-Chu, mainly producing Shin-Chuan glue.
1961年 Built a 100 square meter factory and established Shin-Chuan Food Factory, producing sauce products.
Tao-Yuan, Shin-Chu and Miao-Li areas.
1964年 Factory expanded to 1000 square meter and started to produced cooking vinegar, sesame oil etc.
1965年 Developed and launched many new products.
The key product was Taiwanese chili bean sauce.
1972年 Established Taipei office and sales network in Taipei area.
1974年 Established sales network and entered southern Taiwan market.
1975年 Launched Miso series. Sales revenue increased greatly.
Expanded the factory for the 3rd time to 2500 square meter.
1976年 Expanded sales network to eastern Taiwan and received good review and recognition.
1978年 Launched new product – Chinese BBQ sauce.
1980年 Taiwan wide network officially established.
1982年 Launched Shin-Chuan healthy vinegar series and easy to carry package. The factory expanded 4th time to 2800 square meter and relocated to current site in Feng-Gang Town, Chu-Bei City. Excellence Food Inc officially established.
1986年 Using semi-auto production equipment to enhance production techniques.
1987年 Phase in Japanese Miso production equipment and manufacturing method through technology transfer.
1992年 Sesame, Soybean paste, black sesame and Miso series were awarded for National Excellent Food again.
1993年 Mr. Cai, Ren-Jiang became successor and renamed the company to Excellence Food Inc. Same year, Miao series received National Excellent Food Award.
1996年 Emerged factory and office into one, increased man power and equipment. Sales volume grew 500%
1997年 Developed and launched prime vinegar – Gao Liang vinegar, and bonito and kelp flavor Miso, highly appraised in Taiwan and Japan market.
1998年 The HQ expanded to 23100 square meter and phase in fully automate production line. Environment, sanitary and quality all meets the latest standard.
1999年 Healthy vinegar, Gao Liang vinegar and Miso received National Excellent Food award. Launched new product – Vinegar men and women series. Healthy vinegar, which had been launched earlier, received market recognition.
2000年 Marketing channel expanded to oversea and entered China and South Asia nations.
2001年 Established Taipei branch. Established marketing and planning department for multiple development.
Co-founding (Hui Qu Ying Li Medical Company) with Beijing Qing-Hua University, specialized in bio-medical, new drug health food development.
2006年 Launched Standing bag series with Japanese technology.
Created a new sauce age with convenient, safe and environmental friendly packaging materials.
2007年 Aggressively expand oversea market and channels.
Participating various food shows in HK, Malaysia, Singapore,
Korea and China with number one market share products
Including Miso, new package Healthy vinegar and environmental
Friendly standing package seasoning series.
Receive good feedback from oversea customers and distributors.
2008年 Excellence Food Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Was awarded with international certification “HACCP”
2009年 AD 2009 In the age of healthy foods.
Shih-Chuan launch new product- Wheat Miso.
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