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Shin-chuan was a home based food business in Hsin-Chu, established in 1954 with 3 water wats and brick house seven years later it grew to a 30 square meter factory and was officially named as Te-Hao meaning especially good Food Inc. The company registered logo shin chuan meaning perfection is fathers insistence on doing thing perfectly inheriting father’s career goal which is continuous innovation and continuous new product development is a discipline that we follow, insisting on using natural ingredient to enhance flavor and traditional fermentation process is our key to succeed in food industry Innovative concept a business with heart reliable quality

Selected ingredients insist on making shin chuan miso from natural ingredients Select four major ingredients natural salt pure water non-genetically modified soy beas abd quality rice made by natural fermentation Japanese essences Taiwanese flavors he making of Shin-Chuan miso preserves Japanese essences insisting on traditional miso-making skills fully demonstrate the rich flavor of miso and completely present local taiwanses flavor

Research and development Hygiene packaging Entire packing process strictly follows the environmental and hygiene code to make sure customor receives the best products Logistics Strictly following the rules to ensure product freshness through the logistic network and all sorts of vehicles we are able to deliver products effectively Around the world for customers’ convenience and enjoyment
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